BD÷ 17.641
BE÷ 17.641.7183
( BF + GE )÷ 17.643.2817

Here we see yet another amazing connection between three of the triangles: 

GBD (Brun’s ß2 constant ).

GBE (Pythagorean 345 / with GE part of the ø  ratio).

GBF (with GF part of the ø  ratio).

As previously stated the actual units used to measure this brilliant construction are immaterial. We’re concerned only with the inherent ratios. So all we’ve done by dividing everything by 17.64, is bring the green line, BD, down to Unity so that everything else can be seen in relationship to it. If we then call BD 1 Foot, the ratios inherent in the other lines are magically revealed:


BD1.0 foot= 1 Imperial Foot( 100% accuracy )
BE1.7183 feet= 1.7183 Royal Cubit( 99.97% accuracy )
BF + GE3.2817 feet= 3.2817 French Metre( 99.97% accuracy )

In fact, these results are even more accurate than they seem. Sir Isaac Newton was on a lifelong quest to prove a sacred connection between the Imperial Foot and the Egyptian Royal Cubit used in construction of the Great Pyramid. He failed only because measurements of the pyramid at the time were simply not accurate enough.

It’s hard to know exactly what he was considering as he was notoriously very secretive about his incompleted work but he certainly believed systems of measure become corrupted over time. Some of his writings suggest he was postulating that the Imperial Foot might be minutely bigger than it should actually be if it were truly a divinely inspired measurement at some time in the distant past.

In the CPAK trailer video I show that if indeed we reduce our Foot to 99.975% of its present value (i.e. we assume today’s Foot is actually 1.00025 of Newton’s postulated Sacred Foot) then a most remarkable thing becomes apparent.

The world’s three most significant measuring systems (the biblical Royal Cubit; the Imperial Foot; the French Metre) display a heretofore unsuspected mathematical perfection that has stunning, paradigm-shifting ramifications.


1 “Sacred” FOOT= 1.0
1 Royal CUBIT= 1.71828 . . .
1 French METRE= 3.28167 . . .

Sacred Foot + Royal Cubit = 2.71828 . . .

which is, of course, Euler’s Number, e.

But it goes deeper.

The very structure of e was discovered by Isaac Newton (in 1669) to be:

And, by a completely different method, the structure of e was discovered by Jacob Bernouli (in 1683) to be:

which converges to:

In other words e doesn’t just equal 2.71828. It has a basic structure of 1 PLUS 1.71828.

In Bernoulli’s equation (which is the formula for calculating compound interest) it’s absolutely clear that e represents a very specific maximum rate of growth, consisting of:

1.0 — the Principal

intimately, mathematically connected to what it produces

1.71828 — the Interest

How can the same significant mathematical correlation be present in two random systems of measurement invented at vastly different time periods and in completely different cultures?

FOOT — representing (Unity?)

intimately, mathematically connected to

CUBIT — representing (Growth?)

We’ve been taught in school that these systems are just random. The foot is supposedly based on the average length of a man’s foot. The cubit, the distance from fingertip to elbow. Yet now we find they’re precisely, mathematically, connected to each other.

And still it goes deeper. For just as FOOT and CUBIT are connected via e, CUBIT and METRE are connected via π.


1 “Sacred” FOOT1 “Sacred” FOOT
1 Royal CUBIT1 Royal CUBIT
1 French METRE1 French METRE

The ratio of CUBIT to METRE is:


1.71828 ÷ 3.281670.523599
π ÷ 60.523599

In the Sonnets page, the same ratio is expressed as


BE ÷ (BF + GE) 
1.7183 ÷ 3.28170.523601

Furthermore, CUBIT plus METRE = 5 FEET, to an accuracy of 2/50,000ths of a foot. That’s the width of a red blood cell!

I humbly suggest that if one were looking for proof of a divinely inspired, mathematical connection between three different measuring systems, one could not hope to find a more perfect relationship than this. For as if to cement it eternally in stone, these three are found, elegantly embedded in the basic proportions of the Great Pyramid.

And, as we’ve just seen, they’re also hidden within the basic line proportions of three triangles in the Sonnets title page.

So what the ancient Egyptians encoded into the largest monument on earth (in three dimensions) Shakespeare and John Dee encoded into a tiny space barely 4” square (in two dimensions). It’s a staggering accomplishment.

Finally, we must deal with what most observers feel is possibly the most astounding revelation in this whole mystery: the inexplicable presence of the latitude / longitude coordinates of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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