The most famous writer in history never wrote a letter to anyone.

How do mathematical codes and alchemical clues left within the works of Shakespeare reveal his connections with Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, and royal families? Enter the gateway into a hidden world of espionage and esoterica as author Alan W. Green connects some of the biggest names and secret societies throughout history. From encoded messages within Shakespeare’s sonnets and Renaissance-era ciphers to modern revelations only recently discovered, Green guides us through layers of mysteries to uncover truths almost lost to time.

Not a play, a poem, a page or even a line exists in Shakespeare’s own hand! No contemporary evidence proves anyone even saw the Stratford man in London during his 25-year career as the most celebrated playwright in the world. If anything were ever found it would be the Holy Grail of literature, sending shock-waves throughout academia and the media, world-wide.

Researcher Alan Green has discovered a coded message indicating the author hid something inside an ancient altar stone where he’s buried in England. More than that he’s proven it, scientifically, by secretly radar scanning the holy relic. Vote to open the Altar.


Help to finally bring the truth to light.

In honor of Shakespeare’s expansive literary gifts, the Shakespeare Foundation is dedicated to benefitting research, the arts, and education that expands our understanding and knowledge of the Bard in constructive, factual, and informative ways.

It seeks to answer the questions: who was Shakespeare and what is his relevance today?

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Holy Trinity Church, April – May 2024
With Alan Green, June 2024 on

Why did Shakespeare leave objects hidden in the altar stone? By deciphering the codes that the author placed in his monument, gravestone, and sonnets dedication, Alan Green discovered that he was telling us he was a recusant Catholic who hid his true faith for fear of brutal reprisals from King James’ Protestant regime. Learn more by clicking the button below.

BOOK I is available for purchase from Amazon here…


The Holy Trinity Solution:
Book I

Six years of intense research went into producing this ground-breaking work. Readers are taken on a fascinating journey in which they’re guided to solve the codes that explain a hitherto completely unknown side of the greatest literary mystery ever. In a revelation of detective work, the author thoroughly documents the supporting role of Dr. John Dee, alchemist, mathematician, and leading cryptographer in the Elizabethan court.

The radar data secretly acquired by Green has so far proven the codes to be 100% accurate by identifying an enormous cavity in the altar stone close to Shakespeare’s grave. In Book I Green calls for the holy relic to be opened in order to prove a tantalizing coded message purportedly left by the Bard himself. If true, it will be hailed as the Holy Grail of Literature!


from a different angle

Since 2004 Alan Green has been deciphering an elegant web of clues that reveals astounding information about the author and a close circle of initiates who hid their advanced knowledge within a coded puzzle. For four centuries those clues have lain in plain sight carved into stone relics, fading on parchments in museums, and printed within the world’s most famous works of literature. Protected from those who would misuse such ancient wisdom they have been waiting, silently, for us to recognize them.









It’s not my intention here to make the case for or against the man from Stratford who we’ve been told (in literally tens of thousands of books, articles, lectures, and academic sermons) was indeed the author… so don’t question it. If you want to know why there’s a thing called the “Authorship Mystery” a simple online search will provide enough confusing evidence to keep you busy for years. I know. I’ve been there. I want to save you the trouble and take you instead on a thrilling adventure to experience the remarkable puzzle the author (or possibly authors?) created for us.

In 2004 I was invited to a one-man show that outlined the lack of evidence for the official story we’ve all been taught, which is that an uneducated, untraveled, glover’s son from Stratford was the great writer. Little did I know this brief hour’s entertainment would change my life forever.

I began my research the very next day and as the incredible story unfolded I began writing it as a musical, BARD. But the more I uncovered the more the story began to develop, of its own accord, into a Da Vinci Code-type thriller.

Within a couple of years it had become a thousand-page novel entitled Under A Shakespeare Moon. But it was very clear this thriller differed significantly from Dan Brown’s world-wide sensation in ways that make it consequential to us today:




After 19 years of relentless research, I’m proud to announce that the puzzle has finally been solved and is being revealed to the world through my new Gaia TV series… SHAKESPEARE DECODED.

“Aye, there’s the rub!”  — Hamlet



Welcome to a whole new ‘Shakespeare’ your teachers never told you about in school. It turns out the man was far more than a literary genius!

(A big shout out to Roger Waters for generously permitting the use of Pink Floyd’s hit song, Another Brick In The Wall.)

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Music and Lyrics by Roger Waters. Used by permission.

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“I highly recommend Alan Green’s work” 

— Oscar-winner, Mark Rylance

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