A few people have reported their inability to replicate certain results shown in the YouTube video, BARDCODE: Sonnets Preview. Some have tried to find the lengths of the lines of the triangles by highly inaccurate methods such as placing a hand-held ruler and judging the measurements by eye. Others have used accurate software to build the structure from scratch but have assigned dots of equal size rather than duplicating the actual dot sizes of the Sonnets page. Both methods inevitably produce inaccurate results at odds with the three-decimal precision shown in the video.

The purpose of this MATH tab is to clear up all the confusion and show that the mathematics used by the original cryptographer, far from being ‘fuzzy’, as some have concluded, is on a level of perfection demanding our highest respect. This information warrants widespread study by a diverse academic audience because once corroborated globally it has the potential to shift paradigms across several disciplines including mathematics, geometry, literature and history.

Paradigm shifts usually proceed at a glacial pace but thanks to the power of social media, information now spreads almost instantaneously. Many business models are in disruption and their associated paradigms are now susceptible to rapid reassessment. Concerning the “immortal Bard” this presents both an opportunity and a dilemma.

The opportunity

The presence of these 12 constants implies that Shakespeare was not only the iconic literary genius the world loves, but also a mathematical and spiritual polymath. It therefore behooves us to disseminate this information worldwide so that as many scholars as possible may examine it and contribute their unique insights to this important new conversation.

The dilemma

How do we widely spread information which involves a subject, mathematics, which generally causes most people’s eyes to glaze over at its mere mention?

The public

There are two distinct audiences for this material. The general public: the roughly 99% who require the basic story to be told as quickly as possible, in an entertaining fashion, so their interest translates to a desire to share it. And the academically-minded: the 1% who don’t accept anything at face value and insist, quite rightly, on checking for themselves before sharing the data with friends and peers.

The solution

It’s a difficult balancing act but clearly both audiences are important and must be engaged simultaneously. This is why the initial BARDCODE video had to be somewhat simplified and the deeper math concepts relayed later through a separate channel.

The 99% are obviously the driving force in the sheer volume aspect of taking the story viral. But you, the 1% taking the time to read this, carry a disproportionately large part of the burden because your curiosity requires a committment to study deeper.

Once having done so, however, your voice carries weight. Your friends know their time is not being wasted when you pass information along. I thank you for your willingness to read further and prove these concepts to your own satisfaction.

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