A system for conveying hidden mathematical
knowledge via the Sonnet numbers.

Shakespeare embedded an equation into The Sonnets numbering system that proves he was aware of the Speed of Light and other astronomical values such as the average distances between Earth, Moon and Sun, revealed using all three major measuring systems: Imperial (miles), Metric (kilometers), and Biblical (royal cubits).

The mystery lies not only in his astounding level of accuracy but in the ingenious method of conveying his knowledge by co-ordinating the relevant words (Light, Speed, Earth, Moon, Sun, Distance) with the sonnet numbers in which those words appear. It’s an achievement so astonishing it has to be seen to be believed.

An inspiring introductory look at Shakespeare’s connection to the Great Pyramid and Speed of Light, with Alan’s musings on why we must find out what secrets are hidden in the altar stone.
See how Shakespeare proves knowledge of precise mathematical and astronomical information that supposedly wasn’t “discovered” until modern times

Alan believes that if teachers only knew the staggering truth about the real Shakespeare and his polymathic abilities, their students would develop unprecedented renewed interest not only in the Bard’s poetry but the associated fields of mathematics, geometry and science that he employed to reveal his prophetic knowledge.

It has long been Alan’s goal to create The Shakespeare Foundation — its purpose being to bring about a renaissance in modern education by supporting all the Arts in the name of the true Shakespeare. Alan will be announcing the launch of this noble venture during the coming weeks through his BARDCAST shows.