The only way to convey the brilliance of the mathematical/poetical scripture Shakespeare has left us is to take the curious adventurer through every phase of the discovery, step by step. I have distilled sixteen years of research into the most concise reconstruction of the Bard’s brilliant puzzle exactly as it was revealed to me, layer by layer. Through THE SHAKESPEARE GAME the player will be able to enjoy the revelations of that journey, at their own pace, in a tiny fraction of the time.

You will get to solve the clues yourself and, in the process, be a part of changing history. The codes you’ll witness not only reveal conclusive proof of the identity of the true author (s?) but they state, categorically, that physical evidence has been hidden within the Holy Of Holies altar stone next to the Bard’s burial place in Stratford, England.

Because no contemporary evidence has ever been found confirming the man from Stratford (or conclusively identifying anyone, for that matter!) such ‘smoking-gun’ proof, when opened up, will be hailed as the Holy Grail Of Literature. And you will have played an integral part in bringing the Truth to light by voting your conscience here and encouraging your social media friends to play THE GAME.