We start with the history behind the Thirty Years War: one of the most that devastating tragedies in world history. It began as religious conflicts between the Reformists and the Catholics but by the time it was over more than eight million people had lost their lives and one fifth of Germany’s population had been wiped out.

Against this backdrop are set John Dee’s angelic communications, the emergence of the Rosicrucian manifestos, and Sir Francis Bacon’s efforts to set the record straight concerning certain unacknowledged royal heirs of Queen Elizabeth.



Three mysterious engravings (one of which is outrageously treasonous) begin to reveal the magnitude of the hidden story behind the interrupted lineage of the 17th and 18th Earls of Oxford (Edward and Henry de Vere) and Henry Wriothesley, ostensibly the 3rd Earl of Southampton.


The timelines of the key players reveals they had ample opportunity to plot and effectuate the brilliant subterfuge. 

But who would dare risk their lives to tell such a story? 

And why?


Close examination strongly validates the identity of the publisher/engraver. But the forces behind the project are clearly interested in creating far more than just a ‘visual’ symbol that could be contested generations later.

A second level of unequivocal confirmation is needed. Enter the greatest living cryptographer in the post-John Dee era: Sir Francis Bacon. 


The cryptography precisely confirms the visual message boldly proclaimed in the engraving. The full scope of the project is beginning to reveal itself as this Rosicrucian masterpiece takes shape before our eyes. 

We have an engraving. 

We have a brilliant hidden code.

But there’s more…


Back in England Francis Bacon is putting the finishing touches to a written text document that will tie everything together so the ultimate Truth will reach future generations… “for eyes not yet created”. 

But why is he going to such lengths to confirm the royal status of two Earls of Oxford (and one apparently hidden Earl) whilst keeping his own unacknowledged royal status hidden? Is that just the nature of the Rosicrucian vow of secrecy? Or are we still missing significant evidence he hid which connects to all we see here?